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Constellation, The Perinatal nook

A welcoming environment to cradle your pregnancy with love


Perinatal accompaniment services have been integrated into the activities of the Maison de la Famille Parenfant, situated in the heart of Gaspé. As such, a wealth of pre- and post-natal services have been united under one roof, and families are welcomed into a warm and caring environment when attending appointments for perinatal care.


All are welcome here ! Our perinatal accompaniment services are offered to all residents of the Côte-de-Gaspé Region, regardless of language, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, culture, religion, race, etc.


Our philosophy is to mobilize all possible resources so that the parent-to-be can express her needs for health services during pregnancy, within the context of her personal values. We work to support and empower the parent, because we believe that she will make the best choices for her own health, and for that of her child.



Promote natural birthing

Continuum promoting physiology during birth and throughout the perinatal period.

“The continuum of physiological perinatality includes pregnancy, birthing, the post-natal period, and breastfeeding. Physiological, without anesthetics, that has not been altered by routine interventions, and culminates in a spontaneous vaginal birth. Natural birthing is part of a continuum including pregnancy, the post-natal period, and breastfeeding. However, the steps can be different from one woman to another, differing in length and rhythm, or even being completely absent from the process, depending on the particular hormonal cocktail in play (oxytocin, endorphins, adrenalin, prolactin).”*

*Portail d'information prénatale (INSPQ). Le travail et l’accouchement : la préparation, l’accompagnement et les méthodes pour composer avec la douleur. Gagnon, R., Hébert, E. et al. Gouvernement du Québec (2014). Téléchargez l'article

Adopt a personalized approach

  • Early prenatal involvement

  • Empowerment of new parents

  • Encourage informed choice and consent

  • Provide access to several resources in the same location

  • Accompaniment for abortion and miscarriage as well

Provide interdisciplinary services

An interdisciplinary service approach means that service professionals must broaden their vision beyond their own specialty, in order to integrate the perspectives of others. The approach is therefore as holistic as possible, while nonetheless preserving multiple points of view. To achieve this objective, we commit to the values of equality, humility, and horizontality. There is no hierarchy in our team; we utilize effective communication to maintain our close-knit working relationships.

                        At the Perinatal Nook, the role of the interdisciplinary team is to bring together the strengths and competencies of multiple professionals in order to offer their services to expectant families in a coordinated fashion. We believe in supporting natural pregnancy, birthing, and post-natal care, by providing the best tools available. By working together, we touch on several aspects of health, including gynaecological, psycho-social, emotional, mental, etc.

Create an environment of inclusion

  • Family-oriented environment

  • Support adapted to family’s needs

  • Emphasis on accessibility

Create a community of support

  • Take advantage of the cozy environment of the Maison de la Famille

  • Encourage interactions between families

  • Work in cooperation with the CISSS, other partners, and community groups (Le Centre de pédiatrie sociale l'Équipage, Les services de Santé de la Nation Micmac de Gespeg, Le Centre l’Aid’elle, etc.)


First meeting

With our Intake Manager or a social worker


With the interdisciplinary team, about your needs


To the team member who will be principally responsible for accompanying throughout pregnancy


Depending on the needs of the family, other team members, or professionals from outside, may bring their expertise to follow-up appointments.

First contact

By phone, in person, or by email


We are invested in your well-being

Amélie completed her medical training in Chicoutimi, at Sherbrooke University, before her residency in family medicine in Gaspé. At the end of her schooling, she decided to continue practicing in the city she now called home. The interdisciplinary approach at the Perinatal Nook is a great match for her interest in collaborative teamwork, and for her passion for maternal and infant health. She is delighted to be able to accompany families through such important changes in their lives.

Amélie Gauthier
Maternity Doctor

Rosalie was charmed by the Gaspé Peninsula during a practicum for her medical training, and has called Gaspé home since 2020. Her practice focuses on paediatrics and obstetrics, and she is part of the obstetrics team at Gaspé Hospital. Because of this expertise, as well as a marked interest in perinatality, Rosalie was a natural candidate for the team at the Perinatal Nook. Known for her gentleness and caring, she is well-equipped to accompany throughout pregnancy, birthing, and post-partum.

Rosalie Letellier
Maternity Doctor

Colette has worked in family medicine since 2019, and it was through ongoing studies in perinatality that she discovered La Maison Bleue, the first social perinatal centre in Québec. She has dreamed ever since of bringing a version of that service to the Gaspé. Colette is also passionate about nature and outdoor adventures, and you are likely to hear her contagious laughter ringing as you pass through the door of the Perinatal Nook.

Colette Mainville
Maternity Doctor

Sophie has been a social worker for over 10 years, and has a particular interest in the well-being of infants. With a lot of heart and a lot of availability, she has jumped head first into the adventure of launching a Perinatal Nook. Sophie’s approach for accompanying families from pregnancy through early childhood is based on positive parenting.

Sophie Minville-Mercier
Social Worker

Jo-Anick has always been involved in early childhood because of her love for that stage of discovery, but this is her first foray into the world of perinatality. As a feminist, passionate about social justice, and with over 10 years of experience in customer service, Jo-Anick is responsible for insuring continuity and confidence for the families receiving our services. She will be your first contact at the Perinatal Nook, and her door (as well as her heart and her ears !) are always open to questions or concerns.

Jo-Anick Perreault
Intake Manager and Birth Doula

Marie-Line has a keen interest in perinatality and early childhood, as evidenced by her many years of experience in post-partum, problem pregnancies, and neonatal care. She has also worked overseas, which has increased her sensitivity to, and appreciation for, diversity.

Marie-Line Ruel
Specialized Nurse

are also available for a few meetings per year, depending on families’ needs and team recommendations. Contact us for more information.


Since the conception of the Perinatal Nook in 2021, subsequent stages of development are already underway. Expansion plans are being designed for the Maison de la Famille, in order to include first a labouring room, and eventually a birthing room.


Because the region of the Côte-de-Gaspé covers a large territory with very low population density, some people must travel up to 100 kilometres to reach the only hospital, in the centre of Gaspé. Our labouring room will be a convenient space available for spending the uncertain first stages of birthing, more relaxed and welcoming than the hospital for allowing the uterus’ work to progress, yet only 5 minutes away when the time comes for making a transition to active labour. A labouring room is an important flagship project in Québec, and is a highly appropriate adaptation to the reality of rural life.


For the final stage of development of the Perinatal Nook, we are actively searching to integrate certified midwives into our interdisciplinary team. With the possibility of birthing here on the premises, we will be able to offer the complete range of perinatal services to the population of the Côte-de-Gaspé.


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